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Welcome to Biosphere - IFB Clouds Federation for Life Science

French Institute of Bioinformatics - IFB is providing cloud services to analyze life science data. These services rely on a federation of clouds - Biosphere - built on interconnected IT infrastructures of some IFB’s platforms,

Biosphere provides multi-cloud deployments to increase the availability of cloud resources, to propose larger CPU resources or different hardwares (GPU, big memory, high-frequency CPU), or to use different data sources. Biosphere is used for scientific production in the life sciences, developments, and to support events like scientific training and schools, university courses, hackathons or workshops.

The Biosphere portal provides different high-level cloud interfaces to analyze your data:

Biosphere portal top banner

To use the clouds of IFB-Biosphere, you need to ask for an account, and get membership of an active group (see Signing in). Then, you will need to set up your personnal parameters [5]. And finally, you are ready to launch your virtual machines (VM) from the RAINBio catalogue.

The Support menu [4] provides the current status and usage of the whole infrastructure and the contact email address to get help in case of troubles.

Biosphere federates 8 academic clouds deployed in regional IFB platforms: IFB-core, GenOuest, PRABI-LBBE, BiRD, BIstrO, Bilille, PSMN ENSL-Lyon, AuBi.